3 Steps to Execute Multi-Touch and Grab the Missed Sales

3 Steps to Execute Multi-Touch and Grab the Missed Sales

If you have been following us for the past three weeks, we have been giving away the secrets to growing your CPG brand’s sales exponentially in the new normal. We were pleasantly surprised to know that AT Kearney agrees with us too! If you haven’t read it yet, don’t fret. Here is the gist. 

You need to have a multi-touch strategy to execute. Yes, multi-touch is possible in the days of going contactless with Bizom’s comprehensive solution for retailer digitization. Your sales team needs to evolve their thinking in the new normal with insights provided through Bizom’s cutting-edge single-brand and multi-brand algorithms. As a brand, you need to think about pull rather than push!

Now you know what to do, let’s focus on how to do it. We were lucky to onboard more than 60 brands with more than 100,000 retailers in short two months. This week we will elaborate on how it works. The retailer adoption process looks like this iceberg. It may seem like a simple app for retailers, but it is supported by intelligent salespeople and high-performing distributors. Else, it’s useless. Here are three simple steps you can follow to drive the adoption of technology in your GT retail channel.

Step 1: Incentivize your sales teams and GT channels to adopt the technology.

Step 2: Empower your sales team with tools to drive targeted adoption and expansion.

Step 3: Back it up with your supply chain channels to ensure the fill rate via technologies like auto-replenishment.

It’s that simple. 3 steps and you will have your entire universe and more to drive the sales growth you aspire to and our brands already see.

Do read this if you need a more detailed version of the playbook to drive retail adoption.

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