A sneak peek at Chai with CPG Leaders – Kolkata

by Mansi Srivastava

September 12, 2022 | 02 min read


In the post-Covid era, the roads to retail are transforming to become more agile and proficient. Data is connecting distribution and demand to create winning routes-to-market. Digital transformation is the frontrunner of the RTM strategy of brands. 

After three remarkable CPG Leadership meets in Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore, Bizom started planning breakfast meets across Indian cities, to bring leaders from the CPG space together to discuss their growth opportunities and technology trends in their business.  

This exclusive meet saw the attendance of leaders like, Gourab Nath Ghosh – Vice President & Head of Sales & Distribution at Eveready Industries, Harsh Jain – Director at DnV Foods, Kulwant Chhabra – IT Head & CISO at Diamond Beverages, Mazhar Saleem – Assistant Manager SMIS at ITC Limited, Sudhanshu Kumar -Head of Supply Chain (Purchase & Logistics) at Rollick Icecream, Surya Agarwal – Sales head at Budge Budge Refineries Limited, Prafull Anchaliya – VP Sales at Emami Agrotech and Abhijit Sen Gupta – Management Consultant at ODIGOS Consultants.

Bizom’s first Chai with CPG Leaders Meet commenced at “the City of Joy”, Kolkata with CXOs from world-famous brands like ITC and Emami Agrotech under one roof. 

The Meet began at 8 am with a scrumptious breakfast buffet where all the leaders were sharing their life experiences. Some spoke about how their company overcame the COIVD challenges whereas some talked about new initiatives they are taking towards route-to-market and to join the ONDC (Open Network for Digital Commerce) bandwagon.

We began our roundtable discussion at 9:30 am where everyone shared their views on the topic ‘How to balance growth and RTM innovations to be future-ready.’

It was amazing to hear from the delegates how well they were accomplishing RTM innovations in their companies. 

Sudhanshu Kumar from Rollick Ice cream made a strong point by conveying that digitization defines hierarchy over products. Clearly, jo dikhta hai woh bikta hai.

Harsh Jain from DNV Food Products Pvt Ltd said retailers are a vital part of the supply chain and data is available in abundance but data hygiene is a must. WhatsApp as a new channel of ordering has become a must for retailers provided the daily consumption of the social channel has higher conversion rates in the current scenario.

Prafull Anchaliya from Emami Agrotech Limited made a very important point by saying that whatever cost is involved in RTM, is always going to payback.

Kulwant Chhabra acknowledged that tech has helped Diamond Beverages (P) Limited with survival and has minimized supply chain disruptions. Automations have made Diamond Beverages, one of the leading bottlers of The Coca-Cola Company achieve over 40% of growth and aim to be over 50% by end of September.

Mazhar Saleem from ITC Limited says going digital is not an option anymore but has become mandatory. AI & ML has brought in real-time advanced analytics for the FMCG and CPG industry.

Gourab Nath Ghosh from Eveready Industries India Ltd highlighted that data and insights are something every CPG and FMCG company needs for their RTM journey.

Arun Sultania from Assam Company said the only way for an FMCG company to survive in the current times is by using retail tech.

Abhijit Sen Gupta who was part of Maggie’s launch in Nestlé stated that now the CPG companies are eCommerce driven and for a country like India, which has the youngest crowd, this is the need of the hour to shift to a tech that helps bridge the gap between the distributors and retailers.

Chai with CPG Leaders at Kolkata was a tremendous success. Our goal of bringing together the smartest minds in retail to discuss the need and challenges of building a data-driven retail ecosystem was accomplished.

Bizom is planning for more such Meets with the CPG leaders in the coming months. Check Chai with CPG Leaders page for the details of our next Meet . For any queries, write to marketing@bizom.com.

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