Answering the Unasked, Awkward Questions of Every Sales Manager

by Rituparna Nath

July 29, 2021 | 01 min read


Profitability is questioned and measured at every bend in the business. The sales of the day, the best and worst-performing regions, the market that’s ready for harvest, and the market that’s saturated. An ideal manager keeps track of all these critical metrics.

But not all questions of profit and loss get answered. To enter, prosper and rule the market, FMCG brands invest heavily in trade promotions and marketing to increase customer recall. It includes the free oregano and chili flake sachets lying on our kitchen counters to those chocolate chillers in shops that store all kinds of chocolates. It’s proof of the investments companies make to ensure that their product reaches the end-user in the most attractive format.

But still, the questions remain.

  • Are store executives pilfering your stock?
  • Is the retailer placing the competitor’s products on your branded shelves?
  • Are customers getting the free goodies?
  • Is the store selling damaged products?
  • Are all employees maintaining hygiene in customer-facing stores?
  • Is every customer given a bill after their purchase?
  • Are store employees wearing uniforms at all times?
  • Are the leaflets distributed to the right audience or dumped on every passerby?

The list continues, and all those millions spent on trade promotions and marketing remain untraced.

Despite the impact on a business’s profitability, the RoI of these investments is not monitored or analyzed. Why?

  • Lack of interest?
  • Lack of visibility?
  • Bandwidth?

While there can be many reasons behind the lack of a data-based approach, none of them can justify faulty retail execution or negligence in maintaining quality standards.

Bizom’s Smart Retail Audit can provide you with the answers and analytics with regular audits of your brand’s performance in stores and the compliance of both your teams and retailers.

Our team will perform timely audits of your retailing efforts to keep you updated on all fronts of the business. You can view your audit reports on your phone and take instantaneous actions from anywhere. Ensure quality and compliance while selling to retail. Ensure that money spent is indeed well spent.

To know more about this solution, write to us at or fill out this form to schedule your free demo.

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