Are We the Blind Who Are Leading the Blind?

Information tends to be both liberating and chaotic. A single piece of information can get tangled and reshaped by the time it reaches the final destination.

Information tends to be both liberating and chaotic. A single piece of information can get tangled and reshaped by the time it reaches the final destination.

The bigger the network, the greater the chaos.

A sales head would be dependent on his sales managers to know how their company is performing in the market. These managers, in turn, must rely on each salesman to know the ground story.

Now, imagine if the sales head asks a sales manager at 10 AM on a Monday, “What is the sales target for this week?” 

The answer would probably be a “let me get back to you” or some vague number that looks promising.

Even for top-level managers, tracking the performance of each product, brand and market, becomes a tedious task.

One that requires multiple levels of information from various stakeholders to arrive at an answer – which in most cases is not an accurate one. 

For instance, to answer the question, “Are we profiting from our marketing promotions?“, managers either use Excel sheets or multiple tools that can do the math.

But that neither paints the whole picture nor does it create a concrete answer.

  • What are consumers saying?
  • How have the sales grown since the promotions launched?
  • Which locations have the most demand?
  • How many retailers and distributors knew about all the promotions?
  • Are they utilizing it to increase sales?
  • Does every retailer’s inventory have sufficient promotional products?

Answering all such questions in a consolidated manner gives a clearer understanding. Moreover, these data-backed, centralized answers greatly enhance information speed and richness, unlike vague assumptions and calculations.

So, creating supply chain visibility will result in more productive actions in the business, starting from the operational level to the strategic level.

And this visibility is the function of two factors – digitization and synchronization.

This can only be achieved through retail technology, which has the capability to digitize every process in the supply chain, gather the information from every source and present it at an aggregate level. 

Thus, painting a vivid picture of the company’s performance, in real-time.

Is your sales picture clear? Or are you one of the blinds who leads the blind?

If you are one, then switch on the light. Talk to Bizom to discover how the fastest-growing retail companies are accelerating business growth with 100% supply chain visibility. Mail us at to schedule a discussion at your convenience.

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