Seventy-five years ago, Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower was a nervous man when he launched the D-Day attack against Nazi Germany during World War II. On the day of the invasion, the weather was so vicious that failure was guaranteed.

Nevertheless, Eisenhower sent a contingent of 146,000 soldiers, 4,000 ships and 11,000 aeroplanes to the shores of Normandy. The tides of World War II changed that day. 

A downturn could seem like a World War. So the real question is: can YOU pull an Eisenhower? 


In a slowdown, your immediate reaction could be to cut costs or wait for more signals. However, research has shown that neither approach works. 

Our recommendation is to continue investing in your growth opportunities.

Rural consumption may be down, but there is no better time to advance the automation of your rural supply chains. For instance, Sreeji Gopinathan, Head of IT Strategy at Reckitt Benckiser is deploying Bizom’s Distribution Management System to continue their expansion in rural markets. Watch our interview with him.

Resilience in Times of Recession. Studies by GartnerHBR and BCG point to a critical characteristic of resilient companies during the recession of 2009. These companies had anticipated the slowdown and proactively taken action. Their army was ready.

This readiness impacted their EBITDA, which rose by 10% while their industry peers lost 10%. 

Soon, when the economy turned, the resilients surged ahead. A Gartner studyproves that these companies continued to outperform their competitors a decade into the recession of 2009. 

Base Your Strategy on Data. It’s also the time to lay the groundwork for advanced analytics. In current times, there’s no better way to know and segment your customer better than through data leadership. Move beyond simply aggregating your data. Analyse it. Gather your retail intelligence. Bizom’s Business Intelligence and Analytics solutions allow you to aggregate and analyse your data without relying on an army of business analysts or MIS personnel. It’s DIY analytics platform gives you complete control over the performance of your brand. Hear about the efficacy of our data analytics solutions from Rajiv Sawhney, ex-NSDM, JK Helene Curtis.

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