Are Your Products Rolling Like A Football?

In a 90 minute game, the two things that determine the win are how well your team is built and how well they sync.

In a 90-minute game, the two things that determine the win are how well your team is built and how well they sync.

Product supply chains are similar.

In an omnichannel world where the consumer is gliding across the online and offline world, products are like the ball that needs to pass through all defenders and enter the goalpost, i.e. the consumer’s basket.

So, your online and offline selling channels (your team) must sync seamlessly to ensure that products, and all information and offers related to your products pass harmoniously to the consumer, to provide them with a super smooth shopping experience.

Without both the online and offline supply chains continuously talking to each other, every channel is just trying to push the ball (product) forward towards the goal (shopping basket), without any game plan.

Like a great footballer once said, “Behind every kick of the ball, there has to be a thought”.

In business too, every channel plays a pivotal role in giving the push to the consumer to complete the purchase. Together, all these channels build up a company’s omnichannel strategy. And building such retail strategies requires robust and compatible omnichannel technology – Omni-IN Retail Intelligence. 

Having fragmented information from different sources not only makes it difficult to collate it in time and get the right insights but also results in too many consumers dropping off and exploring the hundreds of other options available in the market.

For example, when you are looking to run online ads for products, a quick look into your retail intelligence solution will tell you the type of products and size of products that are selling the most in the market, making it easier to drive revenue, faster.

From a consumer’s perspective, if they want to buy a watch from an ABC store, ABC’s website should have all details about the watches available, to help the consumer get more information about the product in their own sweet time. 

That way, when knowledgeable consumer enters a store to buy a watch, they know what they want and are only waiting to feel the experience of how the watch would feel on their wrists. 

Even the salesmen who usually spend hours making a prospect buy, don’t need to do that anymore. They only need to give them a good experience and enhance the interaction with the brand, rather than being pushy. 

What’s more, if the consumer enjoys the experience and confirms making the purchase, the store can even take their contact details to stay connected and share more offers to entice future purchases.

Unlike a football field of 100 yards, your consumer markets span across thousands of acres. So are your supply chains bonded together to form a great team?

If not, click the below button to explore how Omni-IN retail tech can help bring it all together and help you ace the game or connect with us at to learn more.

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