Appreciating problems. One of the true qualities of a Product Manager is appreciating the beauty
Bizom Smart Basket
Living in this 24-hour world, we are all spoilt with over 20-25 options for
Sell on WhatsApp this festive season
30 days of September, and all the way till December, India is officially feeling
FMCG WhatsApp Ordering Bot
I first heard of this app called WhatsApp in 2012 through a friend. My
When the gamble goes wrong, it’s learning. When it’s right, it becomes a quick
Bizom Auto-Replenishment System
A global confectionery manufacturer achieved an 85% elimination of stock-outs and a 30% increase
While the television and internet is taking brands to the farthest corners of the
When 2021 began, a survey asked shoppers if they still wanted to shop at
FMCG in India is re-building, and things are auguring well for the economy as
The “Pay-Later” market in India is booming with millennials and Gen Zers opting to
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