While the television and internet is taking brands to the farthest corners of the
When 2021 began, a survey asked shoppers if they still wanted to shop at
FMCG in India is re-building, and things are auguring well for the economy as
The “Pay-Later” market in India is booming with millennials and Gen Zers opting to
Today, every consumer is spoilt for choices. Making the cut to enter the consumer’s
The performance of an FMCG product rests on its reach in the market. The
Research suggests 60-70% of purchase decisions are made at the retail store! Yes, almost
The Sun is there. Night and day, all the same. Sometimes hidden behind the
Hi, I’m Whisky. For arranging my birthday party (which I hosted at the last minute),
Profitability is questioned and measured at every bend in the business. The sales of
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