Be more available. Coexist smarter.

We are in an unprecedented situation. A lot of unheard, unpopular opinions and practices seem to be taking the limelight. Work from home which was once frowned upon, now has become the saving grace for most of us. 

In our webinar Ensuring Product Availability in Times of Lockdown, I heard a few of the most surprisingly pleasant and unexpected takes from FMCG brand leaders.

Topmost was the response from Pradeep Hada, Director at Praash Marketing when asked about  their approach to distribution during the lockdown. He said,”We just want to make sure we deliver our product to anyone who has the need for it. Even if only one person has the need for it in an area, we still make sure we deliver our product to them no matter what cost. We do it as our duty and as part of social service. And when this passes, and these times end, we shall be remembered.  Right now is not the time for brand building. It’s to serve, and as consequence someday we may be able to build our brand with the strongest message possible”

To hear an industry leader like Pradeep say that so simplistically in times such as this, was a surreal moment.  When such good intentions are married with strategic execution, the outcomes are spectacular. Technology can aid brands to be simply more available to anyone who has the need for them. One such tech that Praash  uses is Bizom’s Retailer App that provides brands with a platform  to connect directly with retailers. With easy and direct communication to retailers, what brands need to do is go one step ahead and understand the demand during the lockdown and prioritise their stock push accordingly. With Eagle Eye, brands get exactly that information. With clarity on the demand at retailers n, they can equip their internal teams with the necessary information and manage inventory and order fulfillment accordingly.

Another exciting message that aligned with the core concept of Eagle Eye in the webinar was made by the VP Sales at Unibic, Kartikay Mehta. Unibic has been a category-defining product in its segment and has been seeing phenomenal sales during the lockdown. The principle that Unibic is working on is coexistence. They identify retailers that are struggling to get stock for biscuits as priority over retailers that may have stock, even if it’s a competitor brand. Unibic’s strategy is to coexist with its peers to ensure availability. They made this choice over fighting over shelf space to drive home a strong point. And their sales do the talking. Eagle Eye provides this exact intelligence to brands about open stores with trending demands and provides visibility on stock availability. 

Eagle Eye has been providing real-time insights on active retailers during these times. We  analyse the outlet universe of your brand versus the entire community of retailers on our platform to give you real-time insights into which retailers have a demand and are most likely operating in your universe.

With a head start, brands can now prioritise which retailers to activate first, use it’s sales teams bandwidth to ensure these retailers are reached out to first, strategise which areas seem to have more consumers and active retailers and hence prioritise order fulfillment, budget benefits for distributors and retailers on priority and push out more inventory in these hotspots.

It is an opportunity to learn how our technology is helping out brands and even more so when times are difficult. The knowledge and approach of our panelists resonate with the insights provided by Eagle Eye. It affirms our belief that Bizom’s TRIP- The Retailer Intelligence Platform, is the next thing in the FMCG industry, even more so in a pandemic. 

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