Beetroot Chips & The Biggest Market Bridge

Some things just exist to make us realize how far we’ve come. Beetroot chips are probably one like that.

Some things just exist to make us realize how far we’ve come. Beetroot chips are probably one like that.

And yeah, there are lady’s finger chips too. It’s true.

You might be wondering what it tastes like right now. 

But go ask for it in your local grocery store and they’ll probably laugh at your face.

While innovative businesses have bloomed in India, they are yet to grow like wildfire.

Some cities have every product, while some still haven’t seen a Kinder Joy. And Indian eCommerce is yet to register double-digit growth.

So when and how will every product reach every prospective customer in this maze of a market?

The Open Network for Digital Commerce is bringing every Indian retail seller to an online, centralized platform that is linked to all eCommerce marketplaces.

This will create a bridge between the different marketplaces in India and the ONDC platform, helping products and transactions flow more smoothly.

So usually, a seller would need to manage repetitive work like updating the catalog on each platform, fixing the pricing for every product on different marketplaces, and managing the orders and returns from each marketplace.

But by becoming a member of the Indian government’s ONDC network, sellers just have to use one central control panel for every consumer they serve.

What’s more? sellers even get deep visibility on tertiary consumption which other ecommerce platforms do not provide.

And Bizom has partnered with ONDC to help CPG businesses join this revolution and onboard their channel sellers on ONDC’s seller platform

Modern brands like UNIBIC have already joined the club to leverage the potential of the ONDC network and maximize product reach.

When will you?

Connect with our experts at to know how Bizom can help you join the ONDC rocketship, or fill up the form below. 

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