Bend Realities To Win Impossibilities

by Rituparna Nath

July 20, 2023 | 01 min read


Bend Realities To Win Impossibilities

Has the boiled egg on your plate always been oval or roundish? Or did you ever get the chance to change that reality and turn the boiled eggs heart-shaped?

You must be thinking, who cares? It’s just eggs and it would taste the same.

But imagine in a classroom filled with lunch boxes, if a child opens a box of heart-shaped eggs, how popular will he become in just one day?

The same happened with Apple – the company.

As explained by Bud Tribble, a former employee of Apple computers, Steve Jobs had the ability to bend realities and create a Reality Distortion Field (RDF), making everyone believe that they could succeed in the impossible.

To put it simply, Jobs could look beyond the subjective reality.

In an era where computers were big as rooms and music was only on the radio, Steve Jobs refused to believe that it is what it is and created the Mackintosh and the iPod.

There more such examples all around the world.

Starting from how humans discovered that the Earth is a sphere and not a flatbed, or recently when we discovered that AI can now close a sales call.

But in all these, there are two commonalities.

To bend reality you gotta be extraordinary, and a visionary.

Instead of just accepting things that way they are on the surface, deep dive and imagine what they could be irrespective of what it seems to be.

So when your products accumulate dust on retail shelves, and your sales team says it’s because the market is down, don’t just say ok and leave it at that. Use technology to track each retail shelf at every store to understand if it’s just the market, or are your competitors penetrating stores with newer products and offers.

When your salesmen fail to meet quotas saying nobody wants to buy more, instead of accepting their words on face value, check if their daily routes are planned in such a way that they are going to the right shops where demand awaits.

Or deep dive further to understand if retailers are actually low on cash due to market conditions, and you can offer instant credit to them to increase channel sales.

Even during times when you’re not being able to increase your product width at stores and your sales teams come and say there’s limited potential in the market, instead of accepting that reality, why not give your sales teams a tech-enabled process to create customized sales orders for each store. This will make it possible to increase the breadth of your product range at each store, with the current available demand in the market.

Also during times when primary sales get saturated. Why not track inventories of your distributors to find opportunities to auto-replenish their inventories and increase your sales volume.

So if you have a vision, come explore how to bend your business reality with retail intelligence.

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