Bizom Annual Conclave: The Opening Act…

by Mischelle Rebello

August 30, 2019 | 01 min read


Every year at Bizom, we host an annual gathering for our folks where we try and set priorities for ourselves. This year, after much debate, we decided to set our priorities along with you, our customers.

Then we told our folks @ mobisy that this year will be all about focusing on our customer needs and from that thought the theme of ‘Know Thy Customer’ developed for our annual conclave.

Keeping it real. We can’t thank our 30+ customers enough who made it to the Bizom Annual Conclave 2019. We promised that, unlike most other conferences, we’ll not bore our customers into a stupor (with power-points, of course!) and keep it real. We kept our promise. There were some incredibly real conversations at the conclave, and we placed bouncers for anyone who would tread on ‘gyan’. The good news is that these bouncers weren’t required at all…

Ashok Dhingra’s keynote. To the uninitiated, Ashok is a sales and marketing leader from HUL, Perfetti, and SABMiller, and is also Mobisy’s advisor. In his speech, Ashok recounted his experiences of building the distribution network from the ground up at Perfetti. His perspectives on how empathizing with the customer and ongoing service are absolutely critical to the success of every product gave us pause to consider our own strategies.

Sreeji Gopinathan, Director of IT Strategy at Reckitt Benckiser, Movie Producer, Actor & more. To the many of you who struggle with balancing corporate life with your passions (while still staying married :)), let Sreeji be an inspiration. In his conversation with Akshay D’Souza, our Marketing Head, he spoke about how FMCG companies are now becoming tech companies and are increasingly looking towards digital to unlock sustainable growth

Rajiv Sawhney’s secret sauce. Following the discussion with Sreeji was a fireside chat with Rajiv, the National Sales Development Manager at JK Helen Curtis. He spoke about his approach to effective and speedy change management. He also explained how his peace of mind and success was guaranteed by identifying the right partner and then mercilessly executing the plan. 

Freedom with Chandra of GEF. Chandrashekhara Reddy, VP of Sales & Marketing at Gemini Edible Oils & Fats (GEF) explained how the Freedom oil brand is scaling fast. We loved the part where he spoke about how Vitamin D (Data) is being used effectively to drive growth. 

The mood at the Conclave was buzzing, and everyone was introduced to a new Energy drink which energizes one of India’s most loved sportsmen. However, we’d keep the suspense on that for now 🙂 

Hope you enjoyed the first piece of a multi-part story. Stay tuned!

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