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Bizom Customer Stories – Bausch & Lomb Digitally Transforms Its Retailers

Bausch & Lomb is one of the oldest and largest manufacturers of eye care products and lenses in the world. They are a market leader in India with over 30,000 SKUs. The large inventory posed several challenges for the brand. Primary among them was to increase visibility around order fulfilment and improve customer service to its distributors and retailers. The only solution was digital transformation, and the brand rolled out the Bizom Retailer App to provide realtime information to all the stakeholders within its ecosystem.

By implementing the Bizom Retailer App, Bausch & Lomb was able to make its order fulfilment process virtually error-free. The brand replaced the legacy process of ordering through emails, messages and WhatsApp with the Retailer App. So, retailers could now place their orders directly to the brand. Which meant both the brand and distributors had visibility and accurate information on the orders. Earlier, there were issues in capturing correct order details. With the app, such inaccuracies stopped.

As the accuracy in order details increased, Bausch & Lomb reduced its delivery time significantly. From an average of 10 days, it decreased to almost a day. Before implementing the Bizom Retailer App, retailers and distributors would wait until the next day or non-peak hours to place their orders. Distributors did not work over weekends which again delayed the delivery to end consumers. Peak hours of the business were not peak hours of the order taking process internally. However, after going digital, the lag between availability and delivery reduced drastically—another positive impact of bringing retailers and distributors to the digital ecosystem of the Bizom Retailer App.

In short, by adopting the Bizom Retailer App, Bausch & Lomb gained the following efficiencies and capabilities in their supply chains:

·      3-step order placing on the registered mobile phone anytime, from anywhere

·      Generating the delivery schedule within 5 minutes of placing order

·      Easy order cancellation

·      Realtime status of the order

·      Order history on fingertips

Watch the Bausch & Lomb customer story here

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