Bizom Readers Love to Grow Sales; Here is the Data

by Mischelle Rebello

July 2, 2020 | 01 min read


All For Love

We love our visitors. Do you know anybody who says they don’t? Still, you can’t hustle the hustlers. At least, not our visitors. 

Our visitors are also constant learners. They seem to want to read all that we have to say about growing sales and the role of technology in it. Take, for instance, the Daily Bytes infographics that we promote on Bizom’s LinkedIn page. 

Back in early March, when there was a possibility of enforced social distancing, we started putting more time into interpreting our numbers and studying the new market trends. Our customers wanted this real-time analysis, and we thought why not share some of the non-brand-specific market trends with all? And Daily Bytes was born. 

As we analyzed the performance of Daily Bytes, we saw another curious trend. Our sales-focused content seemed to do better than others. The best-performing data story in June was one on how retailer-self-ordering accelerated sales teams’ target achievement. The trend showed mind-blowing numbers!

We knew the new normal was all about digital transformation. Bizom Retailer App is at the forefront of this transformation. It had already proved its capacity to bring both visibility and growth to a brand. Watch our Bausch & Lomb Customer Story.

What was monumental was that the Retailer App supplemented the salesperson’s order-taking with self-orders from the retailer. It was especially evident for brands like JLL and B&L, who had put their muscle power to increase app adoption among their retailer network. 

Our second and third best-performing data stories were about how retailers ordered 50% more, and Class C & D outlets ordered 135% more in value on the Retailer App than by the brand’s salespeople. The fourth best-performing number story was also about how retailer self-ordering increased the range sold by 50%.

The consumption of our market insights tells us that there’s a real need to grow sales and consumption. Our visitors are looking for strategies and tech that can both improve their sales and sustain growth by being prepared for any future contingencies.

Write to us at if you want to know more about our market insights and if you agree that Bizom’s audience is among the best hustlers in the world.

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