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What happens when the most significant leaders of India’s retail industry meet and discuss the future of their businesses?

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Rise of Standalone Modern Trade in India

COVID-19 3 Passing Fads You Should Ignore
The last four months have been an overload at times around gyan on how the world has changed. I think a lot of it is just overreaction. The world has and will remain normal after this in more ways you may think. There could be some sustainable changes, but those were happening anyway.
In a 90 minute game, the two things that determine the win are how well your team is built and how well they sync.

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The evening with CPG leaders commenced with an opening note by Rama Bijapurkar, who highlighted that merely
How fast can someone spend 10,000 bucks? Probably a few minutes, or a few hours, or days.  Or they
At the start of the century, “omnichannel retail” was only seen in the telecommunications industry. Consumers dialing
The 90s kids who were buying chocolates from the nearby shops, are now ordering chocolates online.

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