Breaking New Ground, One Distribution Myth at a Time

Pie in the Sky?

It’s Thursday morning. A bit early for celebrations. Especially for the kind we are proposing. Are you game? 

Here’s what you need: 

  • A list of things that you thought you could never do before the lockdown
  • Your sent emails/outbox 
  • A shot glass 
  • A bottle of your favorite intoxicant

OK, here’s how it goes. Look at your sent emails from 22 March. Tick every item in your list that you thought could NEVER do but “Hey!”, you did it. Next, for each tick, pour a shot and gulp it down. Repeat until the end of your list.

Since you’re properly intoxicated now, drop us an email with the number of shots you put away. We’ll tell you where you stand on the rockstar index.

Also, we have no embarrassment in admitting that our Friday evenings are spent on Hangout Meet calls in intoxicated wonder. Among all the things that the retail ecosystem thought would be impossible and how things have changed, some include:

  • Supply chains will never break
  • There will always be enough delivery executives
  • E-commerce and supermarket chains are infallible
  • Direct distribution to mom-and-pop stores is impossible
  • Tech adoption among retailers of General Trade will always be poor
  • Only e-commerce has the resources to enlist mom-and-pop to do last-mile delivery
  • Real-time insights about outlet density or open outlets are just demographic data. 

The list goes on.

And yet, we are working with several CPG customers to find innovative solutions that can solve their challenges of distribution and supply chain management. We have already helped 50+ brands leverage Bizom Retailer App to optimize their RTM, cut costs, increase sales, and retain their market share.

Bizom Eagle Eye helps brands identify stores that are operational and have high demand. That kind of data has been invaluable for our customers who have used it to ensure a continuous supply of their products. Then we built StoreFinder – a simple solution but one that made a difference to the consumers of our brands. With StoreFinder, consumers could identify the store nearest to them that sold their preferred brands.

We are also partnering with Yellow Messenger to integrate their Conversational AI chatbots into our products. The goal is to enable retailers to connect seamlessly with the backend of our customers and transact on WhatsApp. 

Alright, we’ll stop talking about ourselves. 

But you get the drift, right? Let’s eat that pie. It’s not in the sky.

How did over 5M retailers react to the sudden lockdown in India? Did they panic buy or not? How are the grocers coping with the lockdown? For such insights, subscribe to our whitepaper.

If You Missed Our Webinar then please watch the video here.

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  • Business Standard: 71% drop in FMCG demand due to Covid-19, zero orders in 95% of outlets: Study
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