Can you Optimize Retail Execution by 3x?

Can you Optimize Retail Execution by 3x? Is Superman the alter ego of Clark Kent, or is Clark Kent the alter ego of Superman?

Is Superman the alter ego of Clark Kent, or is Clark Kent the alter ego of Superman?

While the debate is still on, deep down, every sales manager secretly desires to have that one superpower that can make them a Superman in sales – The X-ray Vision. 😎

Luckily, you don’t need to travel to Krypton to get those powers. And your X-ray vision will be 10 times more powerful than Superman’s.

No kidding!

An X-ray vision will only let you see through an object and up till a certain distance.

But this superpower will let you see every inch of the planet where your products are!

Well, it’s not a bright light shining from your eyes, but the Tertiary Sales app that lets you see what’s happening to your products inside every retail store.

  • What’s selling, what’s stuck on shelves?
  • Which new products are consumers exploring right now?
  • Which promotions from which regions are bringing you the most revenue?
  • Is every product in the shopping basket getting billed?
  • Are your products being showcased with utmost precision?
  • Which competitors are sitting in which stores? How many?
  • Are all marketing collaterals being utilized in the best way?
  • Are any retailers misusing your brand assets?
  • Which retail store sold which product the most today?

Being someone like Clark Kent, you can never find those answers. 

But with a superpower like Tertiary Sales app, it becomes as easy as blinking your eye.

So why be the everyman, when you can be a confident and strong leader like Superman?

Connect with our team at or click below to explore this superpower.

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