Capture 100% ACCURATE Sales Numbers Intelligently!

by Rituparna Nath

March 3, 2022 | 02 min read


Get 100% Sales Accuracy

10:30 PM, Saturday: Ben 1 chugs his drink after completing the day in the field, selling Dumbledore Doorbells to shopkeepers. He wonders which shops he should visit next week. Suddenly, Ben 1 remembers his glass is empty. 

He starts making another drink.

10:03 AM, Wednesday: Ben 2 enters the office in a hurry to finish his sales report for the meeting. He still hasn’t got last month’s right sales numbers from Ben 1. He opens his phone to call Ben 1 but realizes that the meeting starts in five minutes. 

Ben 2 decides to use “a good-looking” number. 

3:10 PM, Friday: Ben 3 asks Ben 2 which shops that have sold the most Dumbledore Doorbells last month. Ben 2 says he will create an Excel sheet and share the names before the next meeting, along with the names of those who sold the most in the last three months and even last year. 

The next meeting is scheduled for the end of the month. 

3:01 AM, Sunday: Ben 10 stares at his computer screen, failing to understand why the finance reports and the sales reports of Dumbledore Doorbells don’t match. He’s wondering why Ben 1 did not visit half the shops every week. He remembers that it was Ben 2 who had sent him the wrong sales reports. He is furious at Ben 3 for doing nothing to keep the best-selling shopkeepers happy.

Ben 10 decides to fire all three Bens the next morning.

This is how most sales teams in the world function.

Each level of management is stuck behind an invisible wall that blocks the view of the business.

But sales, efficiency and profitability cannot grow in such operations.

Sales require clear visibility at every step in the market, every day. Visibility tells what’s wrong, what’s right, what needs to stop and what needs a boost. 

Efficiency requires managers to see the efficiency gaps and the reasons behind them.

And profitability is the yield of sales and efficiency.

Businesses need to construct pillars of visibility at all levels to ensure sales are driven efficiently to render the desired profits. 

Only technology can build these pillars and breaks the invisible wall that obstructs the flow of information. 

And when you are selling products to billions of consumers, information is the guiding light of go-to-market strategies. 

Retail technology gives salesmen, sales managers and sales heads real-time insights into sales and performance. 

Salesmen get a customized journey plan for every day, saving them hours in decision making which can be focused on selling.

Sales managers can track the sales and productivity of each salesman while sitting at home or hiking outdoors.

Sales heads don’t need to be dependent on managers and sales reps to track the pulse of the market. They can find data at their fingertips to build their strategies more effectively. They can monitor the performance of their sales themselves, and make the right decisions at the right time.

So, don’t be a Ben. Learn how to drive retail sales with digital distribution. 

Connect with us at to schedule a meeting and explore the innovations in retail tech. 

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