How to rev up your sales engine with optimized RTM strategies – Chai with CPG Leaders: Delhi

A discussion on RTM strategies, Chai with CPG Leaders was held at Delhi, India on the 12th of May 2023. Here are the event highlights.

In today’s competitive business landscape, optimizing your route-to-market (RTM) strategies is crucial for achieving exponential sales growth. RTM encompasses the distribution and sales channels that connect your products with customers. By streamlining and fine-tuning your RTM approach, you can maximize sales opportunities, increase market penetration, and drive sustainable business growth.

This is the notion that drove the conversation during Bizom’s Chai with CPG Leaders meet at Delhi. We saw eminent leaders like- Manish Aggarwal- Director at Bikanervala Foods Pvt. Ltd, Atul Vivek- VP & Head of Offline Sales at BoAt, Ashish Jain- CIO at Panacea Biotec, Mayank J- VP Global Sales at Vahdam India, Rahul Singh- Marketing Manager at Louis Dreyfus Company India Pvt Ltd, Chirag Magla- National Sales Head at O3 Plus, Tanvir Singh- Senior GM Sales- North Zone at Bambino Agro Industries Ltd, Varun Walia at Bambino Agro Industries Ltd, Vishal Nidhalkar- Head of Sales and Channel Excellence at Livguard, Vishal Singh- Assistent General Manager- IT at Livguard, Dinesh Manickavasagan- Corporate Strategy at V- Guard, Naman Nangiana- LAS and ISP Head at V- Guard and Ashwani Sharma- National Lead – Secondary Tracking Program at V- Guard.

The sixth chapter of Chai with CPG Leaders Meet which commenced at the “the Capital of India” – Delhi, was such an intuitive session on the best ways to unleash growth and RTM revolution.

The roundtable discussion started at 05:30 PM where everyone shared their views on the topic ‘Optimizing RTM for Exponential Sales Growth.’ 

Post the discussion at 8 pm, leaders joined us for a dinner buffet with cocktails where everyone shared their industry experiences. From new age trends to customer-centric automation and sparking innovation on how to address market challenges, delegates shared their thoughts.

Leaders shared their view points as follows:

“It is essential to bifurcate the product portfolio basis B2C and D2D channels and making sure the price parity is maintained”, said Mayank J from VAHDAM.

“It is really important to support and help your distributors in every way possible. The reason is, putting a new face into the system might lead to disruptions in the supply chain processes”,  underlines Vishal Nidhalkar from Livguard.

Chirag Mangla from O3 Plus spoke about the importance of being mindful of one’s time and monetary investment in RTM, as this shall lead to achieving certain milestones in an optimum way.

Tanvir Dani, from Bambino Agro, highlighted how brand loyalty is shifting post covid. A significant 20-30% transition to e-commerce sites is witnessed. Understanding market dynamics and consumer behaviour becomes crucial. Brands must adapt strategies based on competition, combining GTM, RTM, and omnichannel approaches.

Naman Nangiana from V-Guard spoke about the importance of being innovative in terms of the approach taken to serve channel partners by providing schemes, discounts, & in-store promotions.

Dinesh M from V-Guard also emphasized that unlocking the full potential of RTM (Route To Market) in today’s era lies in identifying the optimal structure for its execution.

Manish Aggarwal from Bikanervala stated that offering diverse schemes for various product packs and channels typically poses no problems, maintaining discipline and executing the appropriate trade promotion at the opportune moment is of utmost importance.

“Marrying internal and external data is crucial, so it’s essential to develop a platform for this purpose in the organization.”, said Ashwani Sharma from V-Guard emphasizing on the need for an integrated view and a centralized control tower.

Atul Vivek Dwivedi from BoAt mentioned that in today’s retail landscape, building customer loyalty and aligning GTM strategies accordingly is crucial. However, the emergence of omnichannel has disrupted traditional approaches, making it challenging to capture data across different layers.

Optimizing Route-to-Market (RTM) strategies is essential for achieving exponential sales growth in today’s competitive business landscape. By segmenting target markets, building a strong distribution network, implementing data-driven decision making, empowering the sales force, and continuously monitoring performance, businesses can maximize sales opportunities and drive sustainable growth. Tailoring these strategies to specific business needs allows for effective engagement with customers, improved product availability, and enhanced customer satisfaction. Embracing RTM optimization paves the way for unlocking the full potential of sales growth and navigating the ever-evolving market landscape.

Bizom is planning for more such meets with CPG leaders in the coming months. Check Chai with CPG Leaders page for the details of our next Meet. For any queries, write to

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