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Climb Out of Your Supply Chain Rock-bottom

Press the right buttons!

Oh, we are “woke” alright. But the only “broke” we like right now are broke jokes like this one:
What happened when the Frog’s car broke down?
It got toad.

How can we joke about these times, you ask? We can. Ask Lalit Bhise, our big man. He has been at the bottom more than a couple times with Mobisy. Each rock-bottom was an inflection point that helped him pivot Mobisy and grow it bigger than ever.

Your business is at an inflection point now. But note: only agile businesses can walk away with a significant market share in these times. 

Agile consumer businesses are the ones who have figured out how to conduct themselves with speed, innovation and agility. They can shape themselves at will, in any way that can gain them a larger market share. They’ve made their products available to consumers through the lockdown and gone a step further to let consumers know from which stores they can pick their products. 

These consumer businesses have pressed the right buttons. They have moved with speed and agility to drive Retailer Self-orderingOver 40 consumer businesses have now installed our Retailer App at 40K outlets. They have rolled out StoreFinder to help consumers find out the stores near them stocked with their favourite product. They are also collaborating with the industry folks to understand good practices that can be used in these times. 

Charles Dickens (in the picture above) original quoted, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. It was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness.”

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