Climbing Up The Retail Mountains Solo

by Rituparna Nath

September 8, 2023 | 01 min read


For newbies the route is already ready, while the pioneers had to carve every step to go ahead.

It’s true retail isn’t a solo game. But when your retailers offer a shopper the competitor’s product, are they thinking of you?

When your salesmen keep dumping wrong stocks at stores to meet targets, are they really keeping the goodwill of the company in mind?

Or when managers report wrong, yet great-looking performance numbers to cover their incompetencies thinking nobody will catch them, are they doing any good to the company?

The answer is always no, and that has to be accepted.

While everyone might not do as you want them to, but they’re still pieces of the larger puzzle of achieving RTM excellence. You just need to shape them correctly so they fit perfectly.

Give them strong reasons on why they should do exactly what you want them to do.

But for doing this, you need to travel solo.

While any retail manufacturer indefinitely requires a humongous support from many individuals and businesses to succeed, in order to lead everyone, one must travel ahead and alone and find the road for others.

Yes, traveling solo is deadly, but it’s filled with discoveries!

When you visit every store and understand each retailer’s situation, you might discover that they are offering other competitor products to shoppers because every shop in the neighborhood is stocking more of your competitors’ products and he wants to be a “we have it too” shop.

Or you might even get to know that your competitors are offering a QPS scheme, making the retailer buy more stocks in bulk.

When you travel your sales territories you will see that each shop is suffering from a different disease.

Some want to grow but don’t know how to, some know how to but lack the money to do so, while some might have the funds and the strategy in place but are still failing due to lack of understanding of what the market needs or failure to display products more strategically.

It can go many ways and each needs to be solved carefully and in the right manner.

But it will become humanly impossible to do this for every store, seller, salesman and manager. That’s why retail intelligence finds you the way and builds it.

It tracks every store and creates the right schemes for every shopkeeper that will lead to their profitability.

It will tell every salesman when to go to which store and what to do when they reach a store – sell products in the right mix, offer credit to push their growth, or fix the merchandising to spruce up the store.

And to keep your managers in the right line, retail intelligence lights up the entire distribution racetrack from warehouse to store, bringing you 360° visibility and eliminating any gray area in the business.

So to lead safely and strategically, it’s vital to know the track like the back of your hand.

Lead with retail intelligence. Get in touch with us or tap on the link below to meet the technology that’s transforming the retail industry.

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