Demand Forecasting and
Suggested Order

Drive exponential growth through existing retailers

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reduction in wastage caused due to returns for a leading fresh foods brand
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visibility on sales and returns
1 %
lesser sales returns for a leading fresh foods brand

Accurately predict demand for every store / SKU combination. Our prescriptive analytics model studies a vast array of datasets including secondary sales, seasonal factors, ongoing promotions, hyper-local competitive information among others to identify the factors that influence demand and suggests the optimum order that every store should place. Machine learning capabilities of the model means that it is always learning and improving the accuracy of its predictions.

A proven model to deliver advanced technologies into the hands of users

Train Algorithm

We train our patent pending models to predict retail order leveraging sales data, micro-market data, seasonality, and promotional attributes to ensure availability & visibility at the Point Of Sale (POS).


Once trained, the capability is made available to the end users (field reps or store owners) on their mobile device (Bizom) driving superior retail execution.


Create an end to end integrated workflow from field users to your supply chain systems, enabling better supply chain performance.


As users start to use the models, all the data generated is leveraged by analytics engine to provide actionable insights that help further optimise your sales performance.

Case Study

How iD Fresh Foods Used Bizom to Cut Wastage by 92%.

Bizom helped iD write its now-legendary story of registering 10X growth in four years and are now taking their business nationally across the markets they operate in today.

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Customer Testimonials

iD Fresh Leverages Bizom Analytics to Unlock Productivity

For an organisation such as iD Fresh Food, which services over 25,000 outlets, managing sales, returns and production is an ongoing challenge. Especially when the SKUs are highly perishable. But iD Fresh tackled this issue very early on in its evolution by implementing Bizom’s Distribution Management System. The DMS customised for iD Fresh’s unique requirements helped the organisation develop its very own Just In Time delivery model..

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