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Distiman- Designing From The User Perspective.

Making a difference

While every other metropolitan city is undergoing massive technology changes , the major working station for retailers i.e Tier 2 cities are yet on the path to move to automation advancements.

With this very thought in hand, Distiman is programmed to help retailers in their operations, making the ordering process simpler and efficient.With radical shifts in consumption patterns in these cities, retail business is booming at an exponential rate.

Distiman, retailer ka superhero is aimed at easing operational challenges faced by Tier 2 cities retailers.

The intention is to provide easy procurement of products at retailer’s end , surpassing the traditional distributor’s play.

One of the major factors to consider was user experience as the target group may not be comfortable with complicated applications.

Designing Distiman was a multi-stage process. What was kept in mind throughout was the audacity and humility of the idea i.e. to develop something disruptive that can be used by the majority and is made for the majority keeping their preferences in mind. To put it simply we tried to make it  beautiful and easy to use without compromising on functionality and efficiency.

Process of Change

The best way to design a product that will be encouraged by the user is to step into their shoes and analyse. To do this, the design team at Mobisy took a tour at Mysore where Distiman is fully functional and is used by about 600 retailers.

So why did we go through all that trouble of physically visiting a different location? The simple answer is, to observe them, their behavioural comfort while using application and to gain real time feedback from the users.

Before moving to user research the team had clear KPIs in their mind with some very clear questions:

What value will Distiman provide to the retailers?

Is Distiman really needed or any pre positioned app will work for retailers?

We tried to base all of our research and focused interviews on answering these questions for users.

With user research methodology of contextual meeting and usage with application we tried to understand their requirements. We came to quite different conclusions than we expected.

We proceeded in structuring user personas and divided our users into three profiles:

  • Power users Use the app at high frequency right now.
  • Standard users. Use app at regular frequency.
  • New users. Will use the app in the future

What we really focused on was the ease of flow while operating the new application in hand. Observing their hand movements, time to place an order, difficulties and where they would drop the order and close the application.

Design Solution

Post interactions with the users, we developed a prototype design for Distiman. The redesign was initiated keeping in mind the reduction in learning time for new users with reduced levels of operations and end user directly placing orders without any assistance from sales executives.

  • “Informative home screen”- The current app needed some learning to get used to. But while redesigning we wanted it to be simple and intuitive.

  • “Discounts and Promotions screen at top”– With previous version having an option of announcements, many retailers never were aware of discounts or schemes instantly, this new screen was designed to provide easy visibility.
  • Introduction of Smart Buy- This feature was revolutionary for Distiman application, specifically designed keeping in mind the language barrier the app may bring. With many retailers not being highly proficient in English, we came up with the idea of launching this option which helps retailers take snaps of the order in their language which then is sent to Support team for order processing.
  • Introduction of “Reorder” feature– With introduction of “Reorder” feature, we aimed at providing users with easy option of ordering their hot selling products.
One step method to reorder from your pervious purchases

With the promise of delivering product within 24 hours of order placing, we have provided easy tracking options for our users on their home screen.

Some other tweaks were made to the application, many of the opportunities and tweaks we made might not have been thought of when designing from our desks without the benefit of real-world context. Here’s a prototype of the new app in action:


“Listen to your users — to their real, underlying problems — and solve them in a way that takes the product as a whole forward.”- JORDAN SMITH

The important aspect for an app to be useful is to engage your users. It is even more important to make it as easy and intuitive as possible for them. Our role does not end here. We will continue to enhance the user experience by meeting users and helping them in their day to day operations. We hope you are as excited as we are.

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