“Effective Operations Aren’t Strategies” | Bizom CPG Leadership Meet – Mumbai

by Rituparna Nath

May 5, 2022 | 01 min read


Anybody who works in retail has surely heard the word “Omnichannel” popping up now and then. “Omnichannel Retail”, “Omnichannel Technologies”, “Trends” and what not.

But last Friday, at the Bizom CPG Leadership Meet at Mumbai, renowned management speaker – Rama Bijapurkar highlighted how merely having “something omnichannel” for running a business, is not the same as building a successful omnichannel strategy.

In what was an enthralling keynote, Rama spoke about how a product’s USP has to sync seamlessly with the business’s omnichannel operations.

For example, a shoe manufacturing company would need a distinctive approach to leverage omnichannel technologies successfully and be in front of the right customer at the right time and place.
Because in a sea of shoe sellers, that distinction is what gives the consumer the reason to make the purchase decision.

More interesting conversations flowed through the evening. During the panel discussion, Ankur Goel – the founder of Epigamia, spoke of how their company that caters to a niche set of audience, has built their omnichannel strategy focusing on how their consumer eats, shops and explores brands.

(Epigamia is a client of Bizom and has been leveraging Bizom’s retail intelligence platform since 2015.)

Other speakers like Anand Rathi – Director of Empire Spices, the brandhouse of Rambandhu Masale, shared his views on how the twenty-six year-old business has seen the paradigm shift from multichannel to omnichannel and how the company is harnessing retail technology to strengthen their foothold in India’s general trade.

Akanksha Hazari, the founder of Lovelocal – the brand that’s digitizing India’s local shops, shared her observations on how the backbone of India’s retail industry – the kiranas, have a much larger inventory than many eminent e-commerce giants who only focus on high-selling SKUs.

Looking back at this session, we realise that the biggest brands and leaders who are creating or leveraging omnichannel technologies are not just using solutions to make their business more competent, but are actually delving into their consumer’s mind at a granular level and customizing omnichannel technologies to meet their business objectives.

Bizom’s Omni-IN tech is one such 360° flexible solution that can be moulded and shaped to lay the groundwork for driving successful omnichannel strategies across different consumer markets.

To know more, connect with our team at marketing@mobisy.com.

If you missed the CPG Leadership Meet in Mumbai, register now to be part of the next meet happening in Delhi on the 20th of May.

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