Eleftheria i thanatos

by Rituparna Nath

October 13, 2022 | 01 min read


We talk a lot about how India got its Independence. But have you wondered how India lost independence in the first place?

It’s by accepting things how they are.

And more than a century later, we’re probably in the same place.

No, it’s not our lives that aren’t free anymore. It’s our lifestyles.

75 years since independence, yet, each of our lives has become highly dependent on foreign institutions.

May it be the constant habit of checking our Facebook feed or searching on Google for every answer we seek.

For businesses too, the only way to survive in the online jungle is through foreign entities – Flipkart and Amazon. Even if it means killing the business and paying large commissions to these online players.

But now that stops!

It’s time to be independent again. Because, Eleftheria i thanatos – Freedom or death.

Freedom in retail is here.

🚫 No need of paying large commissions to eCommerce websites for every sale. 
🚫 No need of spending hefty amounts to sell on different platforms. 
🚫  No more rules to obey!

Indian businesses can now start selling through an Open Network that lets you sell on every eCommerce website connected to the network without listing your products.

Download the starter guide to know how you can join the Open Network of Digital Commerce.

For more information or to get started, connect with our experts at marketing@mobisy.com

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