Eliminate The Shelf Snooze

Hitting yourself in the face might work better than hitting that snooze button. Seriously.

Hitting yourself in the face might work better than hitting that snooze button.


When your alarm rings and you press snooze, you’re telling your body that it’s time to go back to sleep, and NOT that it needs to wake up in a bit.

So, when you wake up after pressing snooze two-five times, instead of benefitting from those in-between power naps, your body actually feels tired.

That happens because you began multiple sleep cycles which never got completed.

And your sales cycle follows a similar pattern!

The moment your products enter a store shelf, they just sleep off until the shopkeeper tries to sell them or a shopper picks them up to buy.

Some are lucky enough to get sold the first time they are picked up.

But in most cases, every day, shoppers or shopkeepers pick them up and throw them back on the shelves. Just like the alarm and the snooze button.

And similar to us waking up feeling tired, these products end up getting crushed, tumbled and pushed over, leading to continuous stock returns and stock clearance sales.

Luckily, both your sleep and your selling process can be fixed through the right control.

When the alarm rings, remind yourself that waking up will do you more good than hitting snooze. And when products enter the store, control how they are kept.

Learn to leverage tools like Smart Merchandising to conduct regular BTL promotional display audits, or get a real-time view of how your products are at each store.

You can also keep a check on how your products are kept vs your competitor’s products, or even see how customers are interacting with your products in store.

One tool to take care of every stock in every store.

So don’t let your products snooze off at shops anymore.

Drive sales success till the last mile.

Talk to our team at marketing@bizom.com or click here to see how Smart Merchandising works.

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