Enterprise Mobility .. it’s awesomely cool

I was surprised  when Ashish called Enterprise Software “boring” in this post.
I don’t know much about other enterprise sectors but Enterprise Mobility is anything but “boring”.
Following are some basic fundamentals:

  • If you are in India and you want to start something on your own you simply cannot ignore Mobile. It’s the only connected computational device in the hands of hundreds of millions of people.
  • If you are in Mobile business and if you are doing something which is just recreational/casual, then “don’t do it” here’s why.

So as an entrepreneur the only opportunity you have is to do something which affects hundreds of millions of people at the core.
Is being connected on social networking “core” to one’s existence?
Is downloading and playing around with a “social” game absolutely important?
Is IP call groundbreaking?
Is finding nearest restaurant going to solve a problem for hundreds of millions?
Is accessing email on mobile going to affect something basic in my life?
The answer is absolutely NO.
Is getting job updates on Mobile solving something fundamental?
Is mobile payment/money transfer going to change my life?
The answer is “May be …”

But consider this.
Is getting an healthcare advise from a qualified doctors in medical emergency going to save lives?
Is delivering education on mobile going to play important part in India’s growth?
Is finding fake drugs using a mobile bar-code scanner going to empower users?
Is empowering NGO’s to improve effectiveness of their workforce going to have far reaching impact on rural India?
Is delivering correct weather forecast to 60% of India’s farmer population  going to improve their life?
The answer is HELL YA.
Mobile Enterprise application companies such as ours work exactly in those areas.
And if saving/improving lives  and life standards of people is not cool, I don’t know what is.
Image courtesy: Yourlivebranch

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