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Data and the Distribution Maze

You, your team and even the boss - everybody wants data. Yet nobody knows the best way to get it. So the search continues.

You, your team and even the boss – everybody wants data. Yet nobody knows the best way to get it. So the search continues.

The boss asks to study piles of data to identify the hidden trend (which usually turns out to be common sense).

And the stars in your team are always on the lookout for powerful data insights to prove their competence.

But for how long? Both selling and searching for insights complements each other. But can never substitute.

So when you, your team and even your boss are digging into your distribution channels to find good insights, how will you strategize, sell and soar in the market in time?

Today, data is the elixir for distribution.

It can find the solution to ‘n’ number of questions, like –

  • What’s the difference between your current primary and the market opportunities?
  • Which distributors are contributing the most to the business every day?
  • When is the best time to stock each outlet?
  • Which product is selling the most in which locations?

And even the crazier ones…

  • What was my sales rep doing on Friday at 5:30?
  • Which retailer is selling more of my competitors’ products?
  • Which product can I push more tomorrow at which store?
  • How many sales did my teammate make?

Thankfully, getting all these answers doesn’t require you to become a data scientist.

It just requires 24*7 attention.

If your distribution engines are always running 24*7, every speck of data should be studied all the time!

And since humans can’t do it, today technology and humans are combining efforts to get the job done.

Salesmen are not looking for data insights. They are capturing data continuously during work, so technology can tell them the insights instantly.

For example, with one tool like a SFA app, salesmen are getting daily optimized journey routes, a list of products and SKUs they should be selling at each storenotifications on when a seller’s inventory goes below stock levels and more.

You can have real-time dashboards which tells your team which products, which stores, which SKUs, which salesmen, which regions and even which days and hours are the best for the business, and which aren’t.

Sounds amazing right? Click below to know how to harness data from your distribution.

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