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by Rituparna Nath

September 29, 2022 | 01 min read


Would a restaurant owner order food online from their own store?

Well, they do. Not for the sale, but for the review.

This simple hack lets owners gain a higher rating without even making any food! And when the deliveryman comes to take the order, he picks up an empty food box from the shop and delivers it to the same place.

Some might call this unethical, but today this has become a basic part of many online sellers’ survival.

Because the best products are struggling to grow online due to low ratings, since most shoppers usually skip that part in their buying process.

This is true no matter where they sell – online food stores, grocery stores, or any other eCommerce store.

Every online seller is running in the rating race to survive online, and as more shoppers enter the online world, the race is only getting tougher.

But imagine if online businesses could network?

Go to different e-commerce platforms and build a great rapport.

If sellers could start selling in a new store, using their existing rating from other online stores.
How easier would it be to grow?

Well, now it is.

Indian government’s ONDC has built a system to make Indian sellers available on every shopping app in India.

With this life-changing business opportunity, every eCommerce business will get an enormous boost in online visibility. No matter which eCommerce platform they are listed on, their products will be available on every online store powered by ONDC.

So, no more struggling to increase the rating on each online store.

No need of managing different inventories for different online stores.

It’s time for unified selling for unified India!

Read the ONDC starter guide to know how your business can begin selling online through ONDC.

Networking is becoming one of the biggest capital for growth in this modern era. So why spend lakhs to join different online platforms? Let ONDC – the network capital of eCommerce, build you a safe space on every online marketplace.

To start selling on the ONDC network, you can connect with our experts at marketing@mobisy.com.

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