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These troubling times make it imperative to find the right way of tackling our health and our homes. And Google can help us find everything from a home to a dog bone near us, but what Google can’t do is assure the pharmacy is stocked. A simple search to “find a chemist near me”, definitely shows up your nearest chemist shops. But because of these never-ending lockdowns, some shops have changed their working hours to “ Permanently Closed” on Google while many operate at odd hours which might not be listed. At any other time, it might have been inconsequential.   But we’re living through a pandemic now. What we can’t live in, is uncertainty. Especially when it comes to medicines.

Our team at Bizom registered the gap and the need to add a filter in this tech to omit this uncertainty. They developed the Find My Chemist tool to help anybody find a medical shop that has the ability to meet their demand. 

The search tool is powered by intelligent algorithms which not only draw information by geotagging but also run a check with Bizom’s data house of Retailers to inform which chemist outlets are operating at that very moment, along with all basic outlet details. With searches ranging from 500m to 10km, this simple tool not just saves time, but also helps brands connect their consumer to their product at the right time. 

A lot of us who were previously reluctant to treat a cough or a cold with some basic medicine available in a store, are now taking precautions to ensure they don’t fall ill in the first place. Even those who have been careless in regularly intaking medicines have stopped with their, “ I’ll have it the next day” attitude. We all realize that to fight a new virus, we have to treat health like it’s precious. 

Hence, medicine is like maintenance now. We are not just looking for it when we need it, we are also looking for it in case we might need it. Houses are being stocked with pulse oximeters and energy boosters. Doctors are being consulted for mild coughs or colds. All in the effort to be precautious. 

All this makes it largely important, to ensure that whenever someone is looking for medical aid, they know exactly where to get it. With, Find My Chemist, Bizom hopes to help everyone find the right medicine for them, right when they need it. Especially those who are living away from home and need to take care of their homes. 

It’s time to have a better way to look for a chemist near me. It’s time for all of us to come together with all we have, to protect everyone we have. We invite all Pharma companies to easily upload their retailer list and assist consumers in need. To know more about how your brand can be a part of this initiative, connect with us at

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