Finding The Gut Fuel

by Rituparna Nath

June 22, 2023 | 01 min read


The decision of when to accelerate and when to brake, determines how the ride goes ahead.

Weirdly, while that can be easily done while we ride a vehicle, it becomes extremely difficult while moving the enormous wheels of the business.

Take for example, when there’s no better option businesses continue to randomly dump stocks at outlets, without actually knowing which SKUs or brands can capture the most demand in that area. This results in missed opportunity to increase the product breadth at every outlet.

Whereas, to accelerate in the right direction and take the right gaps, there has to be visibility. You need to see where the potential is, and where the risk is. And then, find the right time to take the right gap.

The question of to throttle or not to throttle also rises, when mighty sales teams are being sent in the field, in every direction, with no blueprint of which regions need how much manpower, and at what frequency.

So, how can they win?

Even when the cash cow products get saturated in the market and companies pump in more money in the hope of more profits, the question comes again if they are pushing in the right direction.

That’s just two examples. There are hundreds more.

And to win in the streets everyday, taking the right gap at the right time, determines everything.

That’s why Retail intelligence brings in that visibility at every node in the distribution system, right from when the salesman enters the market, till the product enters the consumers’ basket.

So that each day, from the starting point to the finish line, your business takes the right gaps and throttle in the right direction.

So that a salesman entering the market doesn’t just roam as a vagabond, but rather takes every move strategically using Beat Optimization. And when he reaches the store he doesn’t just sell what he thinks is right, but rather gets an AI-generated order for every store with Suggested Ordering.

And then, even if the retailer or distributor refuses to buy all stocks due to lack of capital, the salesman can still ensure that the company doesn’t miss the opportunity in the market, using B2B BNPL, which let’s companies sanction quick credit for B2B sales.

From a strategic standpoint too, since as a business you cannot depend on your salesman to find every right gap and win the race everyday, Retail Intelligence tools such as Auto-replenishment tracks the sellers’ inventory and automatically generates new purchase orders when stock go below the expected level.

That’s like AI telling you there might be a pothole ahead!

And in case you’re wondering how managers sitting in offices can see the right gaps, the answer is Bizom’s Business Intelligence. Configurable dashboards that monitor pulse in the market, BI makes it possible to see which products have opportunities where, which outlets have no gaps to speed ahead, and even tells us where each salesman is accelerating and braking everyday.

So don’t make the business ride like a drag when you are trying to win in the streets.

Get the best gut fuel to win the infinite business game. Tap on the link below or mail us at to schedule a demo of Bizom’s Retail Intelligence Platform.

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