FMCG brands need to work from home: In the wake of COVID19

So, out of hand sanitizer or groceries at home? Planning to stock on some snacks while you practice social distancing? Easy. You’ll go online and order from Amazon or some other giant. Someone’s gonna deliver it at your doorstep. Problem solved, right?

Wrong. What about the majority of India that is not entrapped by the convenience and woes of online shopping and majorly depends on our old traditional Kirana stores and supermarkets? In such a crisis, how do the Brands serve them? How do they plan better distribution, manage inventory and ensure reaching out to the masses in time? Especially when your Brand and products become the “need” and not the want,  for survival amidst the chaos of COVID-19?

Hello digitization. Thank you for bringing along your Cape. Just like most of us are currently heavily dependent on technology to work from home and attend our business meetings via WebEx and Skype, the FMCG industry needs to allow and improvise it’s distribution and retail network to work from home as well. 

Brands need to move fast and move now to use current sales automation and digitization technology and allow it’s sales team- feet on the street to place orders from home, work online and enable retailers to directly communicate with brands and order. They need to focus on demand forecasting, invest in dynamic routing to optimize beats for feet on the street to reach and cover maximum routes and markets in the most efficient manner. 

At Bizom, we understand the severeness of what’s coming and we are prepared with the technology to help FMCG Brands optimize and make the most our TRIP- The Retail Intelligence Platform.

Write to to understand our many solutions that help you wash off COVID-19

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