FMCG Categories That Bucked the Trend, Kirana Report & IPL Gamification

FMCG Categories That Bucked the Trend, Kirana Report & IPL Gamification

That the pandemic pummelled global consumption is an understatement. It sent people indoors and made them fearful of interactions that were beyond the confines of their homes. Yet, the FMCG industry at large has managed to hold on to its sails. Despite the gloom of lockdowns and unavailability of SKUs, some categories did well. A few others haven’t yet climbed out of the fall from the early days of the lockdown. 

In the last newsletter of September, here are 5 categories, we noticed from our data, that bucked the trend in the last 3-6 months.

1. Condoms – the great equaliser

The sales of condoms in the early days of the lockdown might make you wonder at the contraception used by the ancients (they didn’t if you discount herbs and potions, we are told). You know, like these times, the ancients mostly stayed at home and had fewer avenues for entertainment. Nevertheless, we are also told that Feb-March will replace July-August as the peak months for new births for year 2021. To read more, click here >>

The Great Indian Kirana Report – August 2020

As you can see, we can’t stop punning, but we care a lot about the state of kiranas and have put together a report detailing all aspects of the business. In this report, we provide a view into the width and depth of kirana stores in India along with their geo dispersion, and the categories of products bought by them. Our city-wise insights also dive into the economics of month-end stock dumping. For a copy of the Bizom Kirana Report – August 2020, write to us at

IPL 2020 and FMCG Sales Gamification Solutions

Of course, we cannot end this piece without a nod to IPL 2020. It seems as if there’s nothing else that people can talk about other than match timings and if Royal Challengers will continue leading the points table. Well, the games have just started and we rather focus now on gamification solutions for customers. Did you know that some of them have created teams by the region and named them after IPL teams? There’s gonna be a grand price for the team that reaches the target goals. You can read more about it here >>

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