From Boomers To Zoomers: Binding Product RTMs

by Rituparna Nath

April 21, 2022 | 01 min read


The 90s kids who were buying chocolates from the nearby shops, are now ordering chocolates online.

  • But how many of the 40s folks have been able to untangle the online shopping maze successfully?
  • And what of the 20th-century youth? 
  • Will they ever grow up running to nearby stores for something that mom needs for cooking?

These different people who came to earth at different periods of time, have different ways of life. 

In order to penetrate this population as a whole, businesses need different ways to charge into the market, ones that intersect each other. 

Because when you connect digitally with a boomer who has been eating the McDonalds burger for ages, it becomes easier to share information, which they would have missed out on due to old lifestyles.

Similarly, the Zoomers or Gen Zers who have eaten many McDonalds burgers but have sat there and taken a picture with Ronald McDonald, need to experience it to feel the delight. 

Yet comfort might always precede the current trend.

With their laid-back lifestyles, the zoomers would mostly always choose to order online, while the boomers will continue to feel more cosy standing inside their favourite stores and buying the brands they love.

The core need for intersecting different distribution channels is to create multiple, continuous touchpoints, and ensure the consumer doesn’t drop off before buying.

Naturally, every retail business requires a mix of different Route-to-market (RTM) strategies to reach its different target groups effectively.

Modern 360° retail technologies connect different RTMs digitally, creating a unified eRTM platform for retail selling.

Here, online orders can be fulfilled through offline channels, and sales performance across all channels can be viewed on a single screen. Data analysis happens ten times faster, and transactions and information flow seamlessly.

Over the past decades, your retail business must have transformed its proposition to connect with different sets of customers. But have you erected a solid, digitally-led omnichannel supply chain?

Talk to Bizom to explore the advantages of Omni-IN Retail Technology. Connect with our team at for a free platform demo.

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