Get AI Vision For Retail Execution

by Rituparna Nath

September 22, 2023 | 01 min read


In the heart of the market, where dreams are displayed,
Eyes are the compass by which sales are made.

But imagine if eyes didn’t exist, how poor an industry would retail be?

Companies wouldn’t know how to differentiate themselves.
Salesmen won’t march into the market to capture the pulse and inform the top management what’s happening in the frontline.
Products wouldn’t get displayed with finesse but rather be dumped on shelves.

Yet, even with more than 1000 eyes looking after your products to grab the eyeballs of millions of consumers, these struggles exist.
Yes the salesmen and promoters definitely try to be the eyes into the market, but is their vision clear? Are they capturing every insight in BTL rightly and passing it on in the correct manner?

Think from a consumer’s perspective when they go to supermarkets.

Most supermarkets are designed in the same fashion. That’s why any consumer walking into a supermarket can find any product they need in less than five minutes, amongst hundreds of other products.

Here, similarity in the way products are displayed, convinces the consumer’s brain that products would be in the same place as always.

Now, for a salesman who visits numerous stores every day, the same logic can easily make them mess up at work.

Standing at the entrance of a shop, their naked eye can mistake similar looking competitor products for your own. Moreover, when taking pictures while merchandising every store and shelf, it’s not even their eyes, but rather their phone’s eyes which the top management is relying on to measure the profitability and opportunities of the business!

So the reality is, no matter how many eyes monitor your products, retail stays blind as ever without intelligence.

Which males AI-enabled merchandising – Smart Merchandising the most crucial aspect of excelling in retail execution today.

This mobile technology ensures BTL auditing is always done with perfection. Based on the brand’s logo, this technology can identify which products and SKUs are sitting on which shelf and if they are being placed properly. This gives the manufacturer full control at a store level, and real-time visibility on exactly how much sales is possible.

Even in the face of bad outdoor conditions in the remotest areas, Smart Merchandising accesses the efficacy of every trade promotional activity in a click. This AI technology can even fix and stitch broken images, ensuring that minor man-made errors don’t reach the top management and cause conundrum.

Another interesting feature is that, Bizom’s Smart Merchandising has intelligent capabilities to do automatic stock count and analyze product depth inside visi-coolers and freezers just with an image.

Today, Smart Merchandising has becoming the only solution for excellent retail execution. Come get your team the best eyes to get ahead in the market. Contact Bizom or click on the button below to explore this technology.

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