Hack Your Report Card!

by Rituparna Nath

August 18, 2022 | 01 min read


Some of our classmates always knew exactly how much they would get after a maths exam. The ones who would write their answers on the question paper just to match it later.

And then there were those who prayed to God, hoping to pass.

Sounds pretty foolish that we actually believed praying could make us pass.

But probably that still happens in your business today.

Business leaders build those “great” business strategies and pray it works out thanks to their team’s efficiency.

Yet months later, they end up yelling at their sales teams, asking rhetorical questions like, “Why didn’t you sell more?” (Probably because their team was just praying too!)

As leaders who own both the success and the failure, a more important question to ask would be,
How can I ensure my sales team passes every time?

It’s a simple answer. You help them cheat, but ethically. 

In sales, every day is an exam with a new question paper. Either the market condition changes or the conditions of the buyers change. And sitting in AC offices, it’s impossible to help every salesman control and overcome such instances in different geographies.

But, you can use AI and be the teacher who says which questions are important and which answers would fetch the most marks. You can provide the perfect order for each outlet using technology tools such as Smart Basket. In-built with OMS, this tool shows the salesman exactly which products and SKUs and what quantities each retailer or distributor should order every time. 

You can even give each salesman a pre-planned daily beat plan using route optimization technology. This ensures your field force only visits the right buyers daily and efficiently uses their time in the market.

You can also become the digital coach and show each salesman their real-time performance on their mobile screens. 

You surely can, and you should.

Because only praying to succeed without putting in the groundwork, is indeed a foolish thing to do, repeatedly.

Leaders require to succeed, and success demands intelligence.

So before building out your next best growth plan, consider increasing your execution’s power and performance.

If you’re interested in seeing how consumer-product companies use these retail intelligence tools to remain at the top of the trade, you can connect with our experts by sending a mail to marketing@mobisy.com or registering below for a free product tour.

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