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Halonix: A Case Study on How Gamification Boosted Productive Calls by 96%

Halonix is a leading manufacturer of lighting solutions for home, commercial and industrial use. The company has a 5%-7% share in the energy saving lighting space in India, placing it among the top lighting companies. It has a strong retail distribution network with 600+ distributors and about 40,000 retailers.

Headquarters: Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India
Revenue: Rs. 343.97 crores (FY2018)

The Challenge: To Increase Manpower Efficiency and Improve Distributor Management Processes

In January 2017, Halonix Technologies’ announced that it was aiming to double its turnover to Rs. 1,000 crore by 2020 and was looking to become one of the top three players in the energy saving lighting space in India. To meet these goals, the management at Halonix realized that several measures needed to be taken to drive sales and optimize distributor management processes.

For one, a configurable and user-friendly salesforce automation solution was required to enable management to track sales force activities in real time and ensure compliance. Hygienic outlet data was also needed to streamline sales activities and derive data-driven analytics.

Efficient distributor inventory management and tracking of primary sales returns was also required to optimize supply channel activities and plug monetary leakages, if any.

Bizom Solution: Salesforce Automation (SFA) and Gamification

Halonix chose to deploy Bizom, a user-friendly SFA platform with a simple interface and powerful, real-time, data-driven analytics capabilities, to resolve its manpower efficiency and supply chain management issues.

  • Bizom’s Order Management System helped Halonix track key steps such as order booking, order processing, sales returns, PJP adherence, management of trade schemes, and generation of performance metrics for sales representatives in real time with geo-location.
  • Bizom’s Distributor Management System enabled Halonix to streamline its distributor inventory management processes and track primary sales returns in real time. Configurable and interactive dashboards and data-driven reports helped managers make informed decisions.

However, the management at Halonix observed that user adoption of the SFA platform was not as robust as expected due to challenges with master data management. To encourage greater participation on Bizom, the team at Mobisy suggested that Halonix implement a gamification initiative for its sales team for a month (March 2019).

And that’s how Season One of the Halonix Cricket League was launched!

Sales representatives aspiring to be top run-getters could score between one and six runs by performing well on various fronts like calls per day, productive calls per day, beat coverage, time spent in market, and product placement at outlets.

Significant prize money (Rs. 4 per run – Rs. 10 per run) could be won by accumulating a certain number of runs. What’s more, the Man of the Match (with the highest number of sixers)  stood to win Rs. 3,000.


The gamification drive at Halonix was hugely successful as evidenced by key parameters. As compared to sales figures in January 2019, March showed a sharp spike on all counts.

Halonix outcome data
  • Total calls increased by 134%.
  • Productive calls increased by 96%.
  • Time in Market increased by approximately 1 hour 42 minutes.
  • Order amounts increased by approximately 3 crores.
  • The order count was the highest in March i.e. 5.5 lakh pieces.
  • Percentage of outlets visited increased by approximately 57%.
  • The nation-wide outlet universe expanded by approximately 16,000 outlets.

Since Halonix was able to achieve most of its sales targets and greatly boost orders during the gamification initiative by Bizom, management has committed to deploying another round of gamification in June 2019.

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