Harness the Power of Retail Data

by Mehak Jaggi

March 21, 2023 | 02 min read


Harness the Power of Retail Data

Data is becoming an integral part of the decision-making process for all retailers. Successfully incorporating analytics into processes to understand consumer change is rapidly becoming a differentiating point between those who succeed and fail in the industry.

Brands access too much retail information around the clock in the retail sector. For them, data is a game-changer as well. In the ultra-competitive retail sector, traditional sources of decision-making – such as sales history, and executives’ experience and intuition – are now insufficient. Today’s successful retail leaders rely on advanced and accurate retail data, metrics and solid facts to support their business decisions. 

But wait, before all this you must ask yourself –  do you have hygienic outlet data? 

Does your universe have accurate retail details?

Are all your outlets well mapped to the beats? 

How about visits made to the outlets?

Do your sales reps capture error-free data?

Not sure? We can clean and verify your outlet masters.

BIZOM OUTLET UNIVERSE HYGIENE can automatically validate the data of each outlet. This allows organizations to avoid costly errors such as incorrect information on customer records or inaccurate segmentation of target audiences. This helps immensely to capture touchpoints at a granular level and turn actionable insights into sales performance.

It can help your brand validate ground-level data through 5 simple steps:

  1. OTP Verification- Check mobile phone duplicity
  2. Geofencing- Capture outlet location automatically while adding a new outlet in the universe
  3. Reverse Geocoding- Automatic Latitude Longitude verification basis outlet address
  4. Deduplication of outlets- Cross-checking of any replicating outlets
  5. Outlet approval- Review and approval of outlets by middle management

Thus, by having all retail outlets’ data points in place, brands can forecast demand, plan trade promotions and increase sales productivity.

Get in touch with our sales experts to know more about it.

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