Help Becky find the Biscuits

by Rituparna Nath

July 1, 2021 | 01 min read


Becky hasn’t been able to find her favorite biscuits since the COVID-19 pandemic. She looked for them in several stores futilely. 

Sounds familiar? 

We all have been Becky sometime or the other. We head to our local store to look for something, only to find it’s unavailable. If luck permits, we may find it at another store. If not, we settle for a lesser option.

This has not only led to a bad customer experience (CX) but also wasted a brand’s marketing efforts. All the outdoor advertising, social media ads, and TVCs go to waste, if a customer can’t find the product in stores. 

  • One can always argue that the customer will still be loyal but what if competitors get to them?
  • With a better deal or a better product?
  • Such questions often haunt every FMCG marketer. More so since COVID-19, when states have movement restrictions, making it hard for retailers to stock their shelves at all times.

All it takes is two or three options for a customer to make a choice. Hence, if this goes on, it will not only result in a drop in sales for a brand but also in the rise in sales of their competitors.

So, in order to keep their customers in their basket, FMCG brands need to turn on the light for them.

A good example of this is United Breweries, which found a smart way to curb this problem. They launched an online search tool using Bizom, to help their customers find the brand’s alcohol products near them, which are open and stocked. The tool shows users the address, directions, and contact information of each store, making it more convenient for the customer to find their booze. It is helping the brand maintain its loyal customer base and reduce the fluctuation in sales due to the pandemic.

To bring things in perspective, when consumers have the capacity to buy a product but fail to procure it due to availability, it leads to inflation. While a product like alcohol might serve only a particular set of the consumer crowds, products like rice, oil, or snacks serve a vast portion of the consumer population, who have been choosing the same brands for consumption for years. These brands have become a part of their daily lifestyle, and so they will bring in the next set of customers for these brands. So it’s highly crucial to help these brand loyalists find the products they want. 

In this digital-savvy world where most consumers use smartphones, our search tool – Find My Product, becomes the easiest way for FMCG brands to connect with their customers remotely to drive sales. And till markets come back to their usual selves, this tool can help innumerable Beckys find your brand products in the safest manner. To know more about the benefits of this search tool for FMCG brands, connect with us at

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