Hey Sales Leader! Here’s how and why Dhoni would have gamified your distribution teams, this IPL season

by Bizom

September 7, 2020 | 01 min read


How and why Dhoni would have gamified your distribution teams

Phew! 2020 – How could 7.8 Billion people not see you coming?

If there’s one thing most of us are looking forward to in 2020, it’s the IPL. It’s what has always managed to engage so many of us with the joy of competing, the pride of victory, and most importantly the general excitement of the game.

We at Mobisy have always thought of our friends at sales and distribution teams in consumer brands using Bizom, as nothing less than IPL teams. Considering the action that awaits us this IPL season, we put ourselves in Dhoni’s shoes – A hero to so many of us. It got us thinking, if Dhoni was a sales leader, why would he gamify his sales teams, this IPL season:

Instant performance feedback

Not many of us can give feedback as prompt and actionable as Dhoni. However, a leaderboard for your sales teams tied to their regional favourite teams, this IPL season tells each team member where they stand among their peers – encouraging them to perform better.

Boost productivity

Gamification not only increases the competitive spirit among your regional sales teams but encourages them to perform predefined tasks to achieve their targets and outperform their peers. Implementing a reward system can go a long way in bringing out the best among your teams.

Increase learning and foster a culture of open mentorship

Gamification helps employees better internalize their tasks and targets, with rewards and friendly competition. With gamification, it’s more than likely that remote sales teams will be curious to learn from their peers who are performing well.

Increase digital adoption and usage

Games are fun. By adding that competitive edge to your reps’ sales targets, you are not only encouraging them to perform at their best but incentivising them to keep everyone updated on their numbers. Having a digital leaderboard ensures that sales teams regularly update targets achieved and milestones met on their RTM/SFA Platform.

Now that we know ‘why’ Dhoni would gamify his sales teams, let’s take a quick look at how he would go about it.

  1. Identify the right technology platform
  2. Identify KPIs to track
  3. Encourage friendly competition with a leaderboard
  4. Identify incentives that encourage competition
  5. Collect hygienic sales data
  6. Regularly assess and reevaluate.

IPL 2020 could be the most exciting and competitive event for most of us. Considering the year that has been, there’s no better time than this to motivate your sales organisation and create a culture of competition and ‘winning’ as a team and most importantly, chasing those sales targets that could lead your organisation to victory in 2020!

If you would like to know more about gamification or how to create an IPL gamification strategy, write to us at marketing@mobisy.com

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