Hit “Play” for Purpose: Oiling the Sales Engine

by Rituparna Nath

October 21, 2021 | 01 min read


How long does a sales rep last in the field? Industry statistics say it’s roughly 18 months.

Feet on the street is not the most fun street.

Tasked with a list of activities, sales folks follow the law of averages and go on meeting clients and prospects in order to meet their targets.

But activity without purpose simply drains the brains out.

Can the everyday purpose of making the sale be simply to get the job done and get an incentive? For how long and to what extent is that possible, without something better to strive for? Sales will always come back to zero when the next month starts.

Even the biggest end-of-the-month sale doesn’t help the salesman slide past their targets the next month. And the targets just go higher.

This never-ending cycle of targets and incentives, coupled with one-on-one “motivation-building” meetings, can only work for so many days till the sales rep calls it quits.

For the company, it would take nearly half a year and multiple resources to replace that individual and get the new salesperson trained for selling the company’s portfolio of products.

To make things worse, when salespeople start to feel disinterested towards the work they do, the profitability of the company also descends, along with the dip in their performance. They might even end up hampering the age-old relationships the company has built with its distributors and retailers.

Thus, chasing targets without purpose obviously poses a huge problem for any FMCG business, as the travelling salesmen are the breadwinners for the company; the ones who represent the company throughout the supply chain – to the middlemen, the retailers and end-users.

So to cure this ailment, we worked with our clients to gamify the work-life of their entire salesforce.

Result? The Hershey’s company was able to amplify its team’s performance using Bizom Gamification.
Working with dairy products with limited shelf life, the company needed their sales folks to be more proactive. Also, Hershey’s was new to India and needed rapid market penetration, which could only be achieved with a high-performing sales team.

Like Hershey’s, another 25-year-old company from the dairy industry – Tirumala Milk, leveraged Bizom Gamification to make their sales reps balance their product mix and sell products like milk, ghee, etc, at a certain ratio, ensuring both profitability and no expiry of stocks.

For both these companies, Bizom Gamification yielded complete, real-time on-field sales visibility and a higher sales turnover, helping them create teams that are more cohesive and driven to win.

By turning work into play, Bizom Gamification makes work fun, where instead of chasing targets to make the brand win, salespeople wholeheartedly chase targets to make themselves win. It creates a sense of urgency to meet goals and a higher sense of accomplishment.

Top Confectionery, Dairy, and Lighting companies have achieved multifold growth in Product Placement, Orders, adding new Outlets, etc, by Gamifying! Try it out yourself.

Bizom Gamification is built for FMCG enterprises, SMEs and startups of all sizes, for running multiple, easily-manoeuvrable business games across states, countries and continents. Get to know more about this solution with a free personalized demo for you and your team. Mail us at marketing@mobisy.com to schedule a demo.

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