How Do Salesmen Sell More With Sales Gamification?

by Mehak Jaggi

October 20, 2022 | 03 min read


How Do Salesmen Sell More With Sales Gamification

Not every workday starts on a good note. Yet, when you’re sitting at office, a few cups of coffee, cozy chairs, and careless laughs with colleagues can surely help cure that. But for those salesmen who are travelling the ends of the market alone to find prospective buyers, a bad day can turn into a bad month. And that’s where sales gamification steps in to ensure that the morale is always high. 

Think of any average group of salesmen. There are usually three types of salesmen you would see: 

  1. The Superstar Salesmen – who give it all to crack every deal
  2. The Star Salesmen – who consistently met the target
  3. The Blinking Star Salesmen – sluggards who always barely meet their targets

Yet, all of them need to be motivated and worked together like a portfolio of investments, to bring home the profit.

By introducing gamification in sales, the wheel of motivation keeps revolving around the entire sales team daily, turning selling into a game they are playing to win.

Targets become points and the rewards become real. 

In the retail industry especially, where the strength of the field force and its investments are vast, sales gamification helps met the business goals and achieve the desired ROI.

A budding spices company from India leveraged sales gamification and was able to increase the total number of outlets by one lakh in six months.

Even global companies like Hershey’s have used this technique to win foreign consumer markets like India.

So the size of the company hardly matters. Even with a small team of three people, companies can gamify sales and make work more fun and at the same time, more efficient (also reduce the enlarging resignation pit).

To help you get started, here’s the step-by-step process of sales gamification:

STEP 1: Set goals – Create strategic/ target-led goals

STEP 2: Select KPIs – Use different performance indicators to assign scores to each player

STEP 3: Define players – Add different players with different roles and targets 

STEP 4: Game On – Launch the game and share real-time updates of the game on phones

STEP 5: Recognize – Celebrate every player’s achievements with REAL rewards 

STEP 6: Refine – Create your own gaming paradise! Fine-tune the current game for greater experience and add new levels. 

But saying how to do it is a lot easier than doing it for real. Keeping track of scores, making sure nobody’s cheating and successfully executing the entire thing requires a full-time dedicated resource, who would also need to be motivated.

Instead, one can take the smarter route, of sales digitization.

The implementation of a sales gamification software into the sales ecosystem, takes lesser time than hiring someone.

Moreover, every member of the team stays connected to the game through their phones. Real-time notifications, performance scorecards, and every detail can be seen right on their screens.

The creator and the spectators of the game, can also watch it live from their mobile devices. 

The best part is, the simplicity of the software makes it possible for the most technologically unsavvy person to play with ease.

Even for boosting sales during peak seasons, sales gamification helps a great deal. Another great advantage of using a sales gamification software, is the ability to run multiple games simultaneously.

Click here to explore how sales gamification can enhance the way you sell every day.

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