How is your distribution impacted by new shopping behaviours?

Shopping behaviours across the world have changed. What does it mean for your distribution? Especially since consumers are shopping online more and are connecting directly with brands in greater numbers.

Here’s a view of what McKinsey reports has changed in the emerging markets of India, Indonesia and South Africa.

How can brands reach these consumers faster and cost-effectively? More and more brands are digitising their route to market to bring more transparency, gain deeper insights into demand and enable their teams, channel partners and customers to make data-driven decisions.

But how does it all come together? At Bizom, we call it the B2B eCommerce Marketplace. In this marketplace, various tech capabilities empower your stakeholders at each stage of the supply chain. 

It is crucial since growth in a hyper-competitive and challenging retail marketplace of emerging economies is dependent on the strength of your distribution. Here are consumer trends that you must address to ensure growth:

  • Digitise marketplace workflows and create connected and intelligent supply chains to address inefficiencies in the unorganised channels
  • Consumer demands are changing rapidly. Brands must influence their customers directly to ensure advocacy for their products. To establish direct engagement with mom & pop retailers.
  • Multi-touch retail intelligence platforms and mobile-adopted distribution technology is creating ‘The B2B e-Commerce Marketplace’ that will power the next wave of growth. Activate multi-touch retail execution for your brand.

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