How Local Shops Win At Indian Retail

by Rituparna Nath

September 15, 2022 | 01 min read


We mostly don’t even know the name of the shops or shopkeepers in our locality.

But have you noticed that these shops probably have the highest loyalists? If you observe, you would see the same set of people shopping there for ages. 

So how do these sellers achieve this? They don’t give discounts, nor do they decorate their tiny shop space to make it more appealing.

They achieve this, through Credit & Consumption.

Almost every grocery shop in your locality is running on the “Khata” or “Bookkeeping” System. 

Because these sellers know that repeated consumption is guaranteed. So all they do is ensure that money isn’t a barrier for their shoppers.

That’s why, even if you’re low on cash or struggling with a bad UPI server, your neighborhood shop will happily sell you a watermelon and say, “It’s ok. Pay Later.”

Because they know you’ll come back tomorrow to buy another. 

These shopkeepers even maintain a proper credit cycle period (in their head), and after a week or two will start asking to clear all dues. 

But the question is, is it effective for their business?

Well if you can make a shopper at 18, keep shopping for groceries from you till 81, it surely is!

Retail distribution too, is the same. Your distributors and retailers who are buying from you today should be buying from you two decades later. 

And to make that happen you need belief, and BNPL.

A fast and simple credit financing tool,  Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL), lets you give credit to your channel sellers just like grocery stores do. 

But obviously in a way more systematic way.

It lets you chop off the problem of low or no capital simply by leveraging retail intelligence technology, that can give your channel partners credit at the tap of a button.

Your sellers can get credit up to 25 lakh at 0% interest, making it possible for them to keep selling your products even without sufficient funds.

Even problems such as poor network, which fails to process bank transactions and causes a standstill in the business, can just be deleted with a click using BNPL. 

Wondering how much it can benefit your business? See it yourself. 

Explore how BNPL is making Indian sellers gain a higher belief in manufacturers and helping them grow channel sales. Mail us at to know more about Bizom BNPL.

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