Getting fooled in the name of Retail Visibility?

by Rituparna Nath

April 1, 2023 | 02 min read


Resting your reputation and success on Excel for retail visibility, can make growth Rest in Peace.


Downloading old data < Real-time sales insights.

Especially, when your products are sitting in thousands of stores, entering millions of customers’ shopping experiences.

More importantly, having retail visibility into the market helps in your existence in multiple ways:

  • Market Visibility: Your route-to-markets can only excel with you’re in sync with the market. Different consumers shop for different products of different sizes, on different channels. Gaining market visibility through Retail Intelligence makes it possible to know the pulse of the market right from your phones, and then plan data-driven sales goals to reach the business objectives.
  • Transparency on sales performance: Managing a field force of hundreds and thousands can seem impossible. But it’s actually not! You can know what each salesman is up to everyday and measure their daily progress in real-time. Digitizing the sales ecosystem through a powerful Sales Force Automation app which comes with a multitude of inbuilt features, tracking sales performance becomes as easy as checking the cricket score.
  • Inventory Management: Business is only good when the right products are sitting in the right stores, at the right time. With solutions like Auto-replenishment and Suggested Orders, FMCG businesses can optimize the inventory of their distributors and retailers by identifying trends in product demand and creating the perfect order recipe for every store. This allows companies to ensure they have sufficient inventory on hand to meet customer demand, improving their retail visibility and sales in the market.
  • Sales & Operations Planning: In retail, every territory has a different demand every month. Such trends can work marvellously to give companies the right insights into product placements. Yet sadly, due to the vastness of operations, getting real-time retail visibility to forecast sales seems unattainable. But with the help of intelligent retail tools like Sales and Operations Planner, forecasting sales precisely becomes an easy task. The tools also creates the possibility to measure the efficiency of sales by tracking performance through customizable KPIs.
  • Territory Management: Travelling on the road everyday to bring in the sales, puts a lot of pressure on the field force. Moreover, the huge sales targets drain the motivation even further. But, retail is now revolutionizing with intelligence and 360° retail visibility. With solutions like Beat Optimization, every salesman now has a tailor-made daily journey plan giving them clear goals daily. Additionally, using tools like Gamification, sales managers are now boosting sales performance by turning the selling into gaming.
  • Excelling Sales Strategizing & Execution: Bringing the planned strategies on ppts to the market, take a lot more than a plan. It requires the foundation of technology and retail visibility. Leading FMCG businesses leverage Business Intelligence tools while planning their GTMs. This, coupled with tools like Trade Promotions Management helps amplify sales performance, and the effectiveness of new product campaigns and other marketing campaigns.

So stop waiting for insights from downloaded excel sheets. Let them RIP in the Downloads (as in destiny).

Make sure you’re not a fool in the business. Leverage 360° retail visibility for route-to-market success.

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