How to increase ground-level productivity and sales efficiency?

by Mehak Jaggi

January 31, 2023 | 02 min read


Indian retail is a buyer’s game today. Online as well as offline, consumers are truly the king, with every tick of the clock bringing new choices. Hence, it has become both, vital and challenging for brands to be close to the end consumer.

An efficient distribution system, which reduces order to delivery & replenishment time becomes the key weapon in the arsenal of an FMCG company. A key element of this is “Beat Optimization”.

A good beat strategy is one of the most critical parts of FMCG sales and distribution management for the plain reason that it prevents waste of time and effort

Clearly defined territories guarantee that field executives do not overlap and focus on their outlets and produce business, which is the organization’s ultimate goal.

But do sales reps perform to their full potential every day? 

Are they always being compliant in the market?

Are they optimally managing their time basis outlet profiling?

If you’re not sure of these answers then you need BIZOM BEAT OPTIMIZATION

Bizom offers a comprehensive solution ensuring that every salesperson gets optimal time for transacting at each store simultaneously accounting for his operating hours and predefined business rules.

It helps to design journey plans scientifically, which can help maximise sales per beat. This further leads to improvising service levels for different outlet categories and KROs (key retail outlets). 

The intent is to ensure that the right person services every outlet on the right day at the right time.

Unturn the stones to improve the retail experience with:

1. Maximize Coverage

Minimize travel time between outlets with right-beat sequencing, to maximize market coverage.

2. Equitable Sales Target 

Optimize every beat based on outlet potential and distribute opportunities evenly amongst sales teams.

3. Maximize Sales Value 

Boost sales in each geography by better servicing KROs (key retail outlets).

4. Balanced Approach

Find the right mix of sales potential and outlet coverage to amplify sales productivity.

Click the link below to know precisely how Bizom can assist you and help you in increasing your serviceability ratio.

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