How to Shorten Your Digital Roadmap from 3 Years to 3 Months

How to Shorten Your Digital Roadmap from 3 Years to 3 Months

The new normal has forced CIOs and digital transformation experts to condense 3-year digital roadmaps to 3 months. If you are in CPG here are three golden rules to keep it simple and give businesses the real business ROI of digital you have been looking forward to especially in this pandemic year.

Rule 1: Solve the business problem

A lot of times, we start with a big agenda like digital transformation. Keeping it simple means solving the biggest business problem first. It could be adding more outlets and increasing reach, or it could be placing focus SKUs in more outlets, or it could be getting more share of the shelf. Tools like outcome mindmap help you precisely to identify which tech tools you need to solve the exact business problem. 99% of the time business outcomes are driven by simple automation and reporting tools. Most business problems do not need robots as a solution.

Rule 2: Adoption, adoption adoption

When we meet companies who have been on a digital transformation journey for decades, they inevitably tell us how only 30% of their workforce or distribution ecosystem is digital after all these years. It typically is due to two reasons:

1. They are using obsolete, bulky, difficult-to-use technologies
2. They invested far more in tech rather than in adoption.

Apart from using simple, mobile-first tech like Bizom, you could do very well to invest in things like gamification to drive adoption and usage among the ecosystem.

Rule 3: Focus on data hygiene for data-driven transformation.

One of our power users Rajiv Sawhney captured it beautifully when he talked about how data changes conversations in the organizations. But to be able to do that, please work on the hygiene of the data. Incentivize your nodes like distributors, sales teams, and retailers to capture the right data with geotags, addresses, etc. When we talk to large CPG companies complaining about the lack of ROI in digital transformation, it almost always boils down to the hygiene of the data. Hygiene of the data is proportional to the focus organization puts by investing in process and human transformation by incentivizing the right behaviour!

Bonus: Use customizable retail execution platforms like Bizom for continuous success!

If you want to take the outcome-driven approach to digital transformation, you cannot work with piecemeal solutions. A full-stack customizable solution like Bizom, allows you to go live in weeks even after customization and helps you solve a plethora of business problems with one platform.

In summary, if you are a CIO or digital strategy head at a large CPG company, stop worrying about the next fancy tool that comes into your mailbox. Just focus on business outcomes through adoption and data hygiene, and you will do great! Just ask all these guys who successfully did it!

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