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Infographic: The Impact of Automating Your Route-to-Market


Happy New Year! We’d like to maintain it is a happy start. There will always be a storming and ours is to steadily move forward.

Like the consumer goods companies that are building B2B eCommerce Marketplaces to digitise their route-to-market journeys and supply chains. Still, it’s often hard to imagine how that transformed world will look. So we visualised it for you and created a B2B eCommerce Marketplace Journey Map.

If the plethora of terminologies baffles you, think of a B2B eCommerce Marketplace as a Shopify between retailers and brands. It digitises how brands engage with retailers, transforms their entire route-to-market, and establishes a ‘Just-in-time’ supply chain.

The journey map brings to life the marketplace’s capabilities by illustrating a beverage brand’s launch in the fictional city of Cooper Station in District X. The journey weaves through the day in the life of five personas in a typical CPG supply chain. Download the infographic and dive into a retail universe of digitised supply chains!

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