It’s Not a Lockdown if We Don’t Call it One

Bizom's data shows no fall in the performance of CPG categories. If it does, how can your business cope?

It’s business as usual. Kiranas and stores continue to flourish. Consumption rates haven’t been reduced. Categories maintain their growth trends. Everyone agrees. Just ask the khumb mela and election rallies attendees.

So that begs the question: What lockdown? 

Still, a lockdown is in effect. The government has imposed restrictions on what people can do outside of their homes. It expects civilians to follow the pandemic-related mandates and won’t hesitate to use force. Yet, on roads and in stores, it’s business as usual. While lockdown has limited several aspects of our lifestyle, it does not appear to have the same restrictive effect on businesses. How do we know that?

Bizom’s data shows no fall in the performance of categories. Consumption rates are following the summer trends for product categories like beverages. Categories that performed well during this period continue to do so. There seems to be little fear and paranoia among consumers, which was evident last year. The kirana stores, convenience stores and supermarkets are happy to comply with the unabated demand. 

Stores are also open due to the government’s more nuanced approach to dealing with the second wave of COVID-19. They haven’t initiated drastic measures to contain the spread of the virus, unlike last year.

Businesses are better prepared this time around. They have adopted various strategies, from automating their supply chains to launching apps to enable retailers to send their orders directly to the brand.

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