Leading dairy brand’s tech focus to transform a traditional business into a value-added products giant

Leading dairy brand’s tech focus to transform a traditional business into a value-added products giant

In a market where the freshness of dairy products is taken for granted, managing logistics and a distribution system that enables and sustains quality standards is a tremendous challenge. Despite the complexities posed by the traditional trade-dominated industry in India, CPG and FMCG companies have turned to technology to simplify and standardize their distribution systems.

Our dairy brand, a key player in India’s dairy industry, was traditionally a distributor of liquid milk. Over the years, the company launched several value-added dairy products and grew exponentially with an expanded product portfolio. Today, over 80% of the company’s sales come from value-added products.

However, to move into the next orbit of growth, the company had to address its share of cold chain challenges. Primary among them was the lack of visibility on distribution including inventory control, orders, sales data, trade schemes, claims and others.

While these challenges aren’t new for India’s CPG or FMCG sector, most technology products until recently haven’t been able to address the complexities of the country’s traditional trade-dominated market.

Bizom, a flagship product of Mobisy Technologies, is perhaps the only full-stack sales force automation and distribution management system that addresses Indian market realities for Indian CPG and FMCG companies. The SaaS product is highly configurable and caters to various categories.

The dairy brand implemented Bizom’s retail intelligence platform to drive its retail execution and gain deeper visibility on its downstream supply chain and sales functions.

On their investments in retail technology and partnership with Bizom, the brand was convinced that the most vital ingredient for driving growth in consumer companies is technology. It’s goal was to acquire the right business insights that are crucial to execute in the marketplace rather than depending on sample research data. It is here that the brand and Bizom came together.

Lalit Bhise, CEO & Co-founder of Bizom echoed the sentiment, “We are seeing many traditional businesses evolve into technology companies. It is here that Bizom’s disruptive solutions see the greatest impact. With the dairy brand, we have been focused on driving business outcomes from the very beginning and are thrilled to see the pace at which the company has transformed.”

The dairy brand automated its entire order taking process to manage the daily distribution of its liquid milk. The company started tracking the ageing of its dairy products. It offered trade schemes and programs that ensured offtakes for products that were nearing the expiry date. This gave them a 24% increase in the effectiveness of trade schemes.

With the new retail tech, the dairy brand gained access to data and intelligence that helped them to identify the right outlets and assess actual outlet reach for the health and nutrition category.

A large part of winning in primary and secondary sales are the discounts and schemes offered to distributors, which was tracked manually earlier.  The new system automated the tracking process, increased the impact of trade schemes given to retailers and managed scheme claims from distributors better. 

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